Bosphorus Cymbals Bosphorus Master Series Ride Cymbal (21)

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The Bosphorus Master Series ride cymbal features a range of warm, dark, and buttery tones that re-create the historic vintage sound of early jazz, blues, and big-band music. This ride cymbal offers a mellow, woody ping with a soft, giving feel when played. Its small, shallow bell along with its slightly curved profile offers the player a smoky wash of undertones that support articulate stick work and definition.This Bosphorus ride cymbal is completely handmade from the casting process through the final hammering (not one hammer mark is made by a machine). Second, the alloy is from an ancient formula passed down by first generation cymbal smiths which give this ride cymbal a soft, "played-in" feel. Finally, the Bosphorus Ride Cymbal is much thinner than today's heavier weighted cymbals. Simply put, today's medium weight is much heavier than a medium weight cymbal in 1950. Another testimony to Bosphorus Cymbals' weight is the characteristic "ripple" made by the cymbal's edge when played.

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